Oriental Mixed Starter£5.60

Oriental Mixed Seafood Starter£6.60

1/4 Crispy Aromatic Duck£8.80

1/2 Crispy Aromatic Duck£16.60

Crispy Aromatic Lamb£7.60

Oriental Lettuce Wrap£6.00

Mixed Seafood Lettuce Wrap£9.90

Fish Cake£5.60

Vegetable Tempura£4.40

Tempura King Prawn£6.00

Thai Spicy Crispy King Prawns£6.00

Butterfly King Prawn£6.00

Satay Chicken on Skewer£5.50

Satay King Prawn on Skewer£6.00

Dim Sum£4.40

Pan Fried Dumplings£4.40

Crispy Golden Fried Squid£6.00

Squid Korean Style£6.00

Crispy Won ton£4.30

Crispy Curry Samosa£4.30

Prawn Cocktail Delight£4.20

Crispy Seaweed£3.80

Vegetarian Spring Roll£3.50

Spring Roll Hong Kong Style£3.50

Sesame Prawns On Toast£4.30

Oriental Crab Claws£5.50

Fried Chicken Wings£4.30

Spicy Chicken Wings £4.30

Thai Spicy Pork Chops£5.50

Shredded Chicken Strips£5.50

Fried Onion Rings£3.00

Prawn Crackers £1.90

Dry Spare Ribs in Sauce£5.70

Capital Spare Ribs£5.70

Munch Box£11.60

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Allergy Advice

Some of our dishes contains Dairy, Nuts, Soya, Eggs and other Allergens. If you suffer from any food allergies, please inform us before placing your order. We will try our best to accomodate your needs.